Have you scheduled your landscape design consultation? Great! We now move on to the exciting part, where we break ground on conceptual design for your residential or commercial property. Below is a breakdown of what is involved and what you can expect.

What Is Landscape Conceptual Design?

A Conceptual Landscape Design by Calumma is always adapted to your vision. We obtain information from you that includes a “detailed wish list” as well as “inspirational images”. The wish list is to inform us of what you want to use the space for. Do you want a pool and hot tub?  How many pool lounge chairs do you want? Do you want an outdoor dining area? How many people do you want eating there? These details help us provide you with a design that is perfectly suited for your lifestyle. The inspirational images we require show us examples of things you like. They don’t have to be something for us to copy, but more an idea of what “ flavours” you want at your property. They help us choose finishes and materials for your space, and guide us through shaping out your design.

How Your Estimate is Determined

Before we start to design, we always prefer to know your budget for the project. If the budget is realistic for the scope of work, we aim to hit that budget with your design. If your budget allows for all of the features you want, great! If it doesn’t, we will use our expertise to guide you through the decisions that we believe would be the best way to spend your money, and what features will maximize your budget and enjoyment of the space. Once we’re settled on a budget and wish list, we can design your space.

After the design has been reviewed, modified and finalized, we begin the estimate process. Using the 3D model that you have already invested in, we build out the job for you into a very detailed estimate. The 3D model ensures that we can calculate all of the required materials, plants, walls, steps, floor, soil quantity etc into worded descriptions. We break down your estimate into pieces so that you can see and understand where all the costs go in the project instead of just reading a lump sum. This also allows us to have an “a-la-carte” style menu for the project. If your project is about 15K too high, maybe we decide to take out the outdoor kitchen and build it at a later date, or change some materials to something more cost effective, etc. Building the project is the end goal, and we will work with you until you have the design you want, at a price that is within your budget.