Landscape lighting illuminates front yards, backyards, garden spaces, and the entire grounds of a property. But it also highlights decks and patios along with the rest of a home or commercial building's exterior.

This is a highly skilled part of the landscape design process. It's not just "plug and play", as prior to installation there is significant planning and product comparisons, with the end result mitigating the amount of routine maintenance required. But despite it all the investment pays dividends for property owners. How? There are a number of benefits to landscape lighting which we detail below.

Why Outdoor Lighting is Important to Your Landscape Design

  • Aesthetics - lighting shines a spotlight on the landscape design investment you've made for your property. What's the point if you can't show it off to guests, neighbors, and occupants?
  • Security - thoughtfully planned and placed lighting delivers greater property security.
  • Safety and mobility - Provides safer passage and accident-free mobility in the evening, night, and early morning.
  • Creates a 24-hour outdoor leisure space - Lighting allows you to enjoy your exterior space no matter the hour of the day.
  • Increases property value - the investment adds direct dollar value to your property, delivering an ROI on future sale.

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